Levesque Speaks At Local High School

Levesque Speaks At Local High School

BATON ROUGE, La. – Inspiring high school students isn’t part of his job description at LSU’s Academic Center for Student-Athletes, but on Thursday, April 2, that’s exactly what he did.

Jonathan Levesque, IT Manager at the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes and former Electronics Technician for the U.S. Navy, spoke to 55 Dutchtown High School students about his experience in the Navy and how it help shape his post-Navy career.

The 55 students Levesque spoke to were not just regular high school students. They’re part of the Navy Junior ROTC. In this program, they take certain military training classes each day to help prepare them for life in the military. Although not all NJROTC students will go on to serve in the military, this program builds leadership and discipline.

As a third generation military veteran, Levesque had a lot of vital and inspiring information to provide to the students. Levesque took the students on a journey from his boot camp days and all the way through his post-Navy days at LSU where he received a degree in Management in 2008.

Levesque described his life in the Navy working on the USS Pittsburgh and how those experiences help him every day in his work at LSU. The military veteran’s conversation with the high school students ranged from funny stories on the sea, his life on a submarine and the importance of having a strong high school education.

Levesque described to the students that, “The Navy provided me with invaluable training and development opportunities shaping my life forever.” When Levesque spoke to the students, he wanted to drive home how important taking the skills learned in their NJROTC classes are and how they can apply those skills to other aspects of their lives.

Warrant Officer, Keith Patton, teaches at Dutchtown and said Levesque’s conversation with his students was phenomenal.

“His insight to connecting what students learn at Dutchtown High School, not just in NJROTC, but in areas of history, reading and STEM to demonstrate to our students about the absolute necessity of remaining focused on the future by setting the foundation now,” Patton said.

Levesque hopes that the students, “will apply my message, especially the importance of building a strong educational base in high school that can ease the transition to both college and military life.”

The Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes is a 54,000 square foot facility comprised of academic affairs, student affairs and an information technology teams, serving more than 530 student-athletes. The purpose is to provide an all-inclusive, student-centered support structure for all student-athletes from matriculation, through graduation and life beyond.