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CCACSA Staff Members at N4A Convention

CCACSA Staff Members at N4A Convention

BATON ROUGE – LSU’s Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletics staff members were heavily involved at the recent National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics (N4A) Convention held in Jacksonville, Florida. The N4A Convention dates back to 1975 and the event’s theme for 2013 was “Years in the Making.”
Kenneth Miles, Assistant Vice Chancellor and the CCACSA’s Executive Director, was joined by five colleagues for a “Recommendations for Rookies” presentation.
The five-person panel shared their knowledge and experience of working in the field. They gave tips geared towards the rookie advisor on developing relationships, maintaining a work-life balance, effective counseling and advising techniques, advisor-coach issues, advisor-student-athlete issues, APR/compliance issues as well as best practices in the field.
Miles was joined by Ms. Colleen Campbell (Director of Academic Affairs for Varsity Athletics – Loyola University), Mr. Raymond Harrison (Senior Associate Athletics Director – Texas A&M University), Dr. Cayce Crenshaw (Director of Academic Support for Athletics – Elon University) and Ms. Danita Townsend (Associate Athletics Director for Administration & Student Welfare/Senior Woman Administrator – Savannah State Brock) on the panel.
“This was a great opportunity to provide hind sight information and frankly have the conversations that are often omitted,” Miles said. “All of us deem it necessary to equip new advisors with the knowledge necessary to have sustainability within this profession.”
The CCACSA’s Director of Academic Affairs, Walt Holliday, took over as the N4A’s Region II Director which will carry a two-year term though June 2015. He will serve as an advisor to the N4A President and act as a liaison between the Executive Committee and general membership of the region. Region II, one of five regions, consists of 12 states throughout the Southeast. 
“I’m extremely grateful to serve our national organization as the Region II Director,” Holliday said. “I’m very proud to represent Louisiana State University and the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes.”
CCACSA Associate Director for Health and Wellness Becca Hubbard along with CCACSA Assistant Director Ericka Lavender put together a “Taking Care of Your People: Get It Right, Get It Tight” presentation.
Hubbard and Lavender emphasized the importance of a balanced workday. They shared tips on how LSU’s CCACSA staff members have improved their lives by making conscientious, healthy life choices and making themselves a priority within the hecticness of the work day.
“It was an honor to be able to share with others the great things that we are doing for our staff here at LSU,” Hubbard said. “We received a lot of positive feedback from people all over the country, and it is obvious that LSU continues to be a leader in our field.”
Jade Bryan, the CCACSA’s Assistant Director for Diversity, Inclusion and Civic Engagement, participated in the N4A’s Professional Development Institute within the new advising practitioner track.
“It was such an honor to participate in this year’s N4A Professional Development Institute,” Bryan said. “The multitude of knowledge and practical experience that I gained from the instructional sessions, open space forum, and case study team will be instrumental in continuing to grow and develop in the field. The other professional peers that I met and was able to go through the process with will serve as valuable connections throughout my professional career.  I’m thankful that opportunities like this have continued to be presented to me by my supervisors at my organization.”