ACSA Readies for N4A Convention; Dover Honored

ACSA Readies for N4A Convention; Dover Honored

BATON ROUGE – Kydani Dover, Manager of Student Learning of the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student Athletes, earned acceptance into the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics Professional Development Institute.

“It is extremely exciting to be taking part in the Professional Development Institute for Learning Specialists at the 2012 N4A National Convention,” Dover said. “I am confident that the opportunity will not only provide me with a landscape of new and relevant knowledge in the Learning Specialist field, but that it will also connect me with a cohort of current Learning Specialists across the country with whom I can exchange educational resources and programmatic ideas. As I continue to foster an environment of learning and academic autonomy among the students I work with, I know that I will learn an abundance of information about educational research, instruction approaches and learning strategies that will benefit my interaction with students greatly.”

Dover joined the CCASCA team in July of 2010, after serving as a Learning Assistant for UCLA’s freshmen football players the previous year and her experience as Program Officer for the National Football Foundation’s Play it Smart Program from 2007-2009. She earned her Master’s degree in Sport Management and Sociology from the University of Connecticut in 2007.

“Kydani has a unique talent as a Learning Specialist that far exceeds her years of experience,” Senior Associate Director for Student Learning Dr. Audrey Phillips said. “The N4A Professional Development Institute is a wonderful professional development opportunity for her to continue to grow and learn in this profession.  We look forward to the skills, knowledge and shared experiences that she will bring back to our team of Learning Specialists at Louisiana State University. 

The upcoming N4A National Convention, running from June 7-10, will feature two of the CCASCA’s own, Executive Director Kenneth Miles and Interim Director of Athletic Affairs Walt Holliday, in presentations at the convention.

“We are the Sum of Our Experiences:  78 Years of Wisdom in Review” will be the first presentation, taking place on June 8. There, Miles and Holliday will serve as panelists discussing their professional growth and development. They will be joined by Brittany Wagner-White, Athletic Academic Advisor of East Mississippi State Community College, and Jack Rivas, Advisor for UC Santa Barbara.

“With the changing landscape of college athletics, the stresses and pressures that we experience have increased at a frightening speed,” Holliday said. “It is extremely important that we, as senior members of the organization, reach out to the membership and share our experiences in an effort to develop tools and skills to find new and better solutions to the issues facing us on our college campuses.”

The second presentation, held on Jun 9 and titled “Recommendations for Rookies,” provides a crash course for beginners in the field of academic advising, provided by Miles and other professionals within the industry. Miles will be working alongside Colleen Campbell, Director Office of Academic Affairs for Varsity Athletics at Loyola University, Troy Kema, Senior Scholastic Supervisor at Texas A&M, Kelly Brock, Director of Academics for Men’s and Women’s Basketball for University of Minnesota, and Mark Peterson, Senior Athletic Academic Advisor for Rutgers University.

“Our national organization is hosting its 37th national conference, and all of the panelists recognize the importance of presenting information that ties into the theme, ‘The Bridge to our Future,'” Miles said. “Our intent is twofold: first, to provide helpful professional tips to navigating this ever-changing landscape, and second, to minimize the generational gap between their respective student-athletes and the profession by examining and implementing innovative ways to connect to this diverse sub-population in a meaningful way. We recognize that we are fortunate to be in a position to mold and cultivate young minds every day that we come to work, and we can say that we are a contributor to building the bridge to our future.”