LSU Athletics Participates in Spring Greening

LSU Athletics Participates in Spring Greening

BATON ROUGE – LSU had 49 of its student-athletes along with several staff members of the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes participate in the campus’ third-annual Spring Greening Day.

Volunteers planted flowers outside of Pleasant Hall and spread mulch under the oak trees that outline the Parade Ground.

“This is the third year our student-athletes have gotten involved in this project and made it a priority,” ACSA Assistant Director for Diversity, Inclusion and Civic Engagement, Jade Bryan said. “It’s a great time to see athletes from different teams working together on the same event. Spring Greening is a perfect opportunity for our student-athletes to give back to the community that supports them on a continual basis.”

“I really love the LSU campus; it’s what drew me here,” Mikayda Mills of LSU’s swimming and diving program said. “Helping to give back and being reminded that I contributed to the greening effort is important.”

The event is co-sponsored by the Office of Landscape Services and the Division of Student Life and Enrollment’s Campus Life office in support of the Green Tiger Project. This movement is led by Jan Martin, wife of LSU Chancellor Michael Martin.

The Campus Beautification Fund allows LSU alumni, friends and fans to make gifts to help with campus enhancement efforts through the LSU Foundation. The Albemarle Foundation is a sponsoring organization for this event.

2012 LSU Spring Greening Day Participants
Ricardo Alvarado Jiminez, Swimming & Diving
Alex Bettridge, Swimming & Diving
Torrey Bussey, Swimming & Diving
Amber Carter, Swimming & Diving
Timmy Dasinger, Swimming & Diving
Raymond DePadua, Swimming & Diving
Austin Ernst, Women’s Golf
Hayley Everett, Women’s Tennis
Laura Furr, Swimming & Diving
Ericka Garcia, Gymnastics
Parker Glass, Swimming & Diving
Brandon Gordon, Track & Field
Frank Greeff, Swimming & Diving
Chelsea Griffiths, Swimming & Diving
Sara Haley, Swimming & Diving
Craig Hamilton, Swimming & Diving
Daniel Helm, Swimming & Diving
Samuel Jardine, Swimming & Diving
Kyra Jones, Swimming & Diving
Madie Jones, Volleyball
Jessica Kopcso, Swimming & Diving
Nick Kunkel, Swimming & Diving
Audrey Lawson, Swimming & Diving
Walter Loop, Swimming & Diving
Leigh-Ann Naccari, Track & Field
Kaelee Mader, Swimming & Diving
Sean McKinney, Swimming & Diving
Mikayda Mills, Swimming & Diving
Chris Mericas, Swimming & Diving
Michelle Mobley, Track & Field
Andrew Muller, Swimming & Diving
Marlene Niemi, Swimming & Diving
Jennifer Reese, Swimming & Diving
Sean Roddy, Swimming & Diving
Michael Saco, Swimming & Diving
Sidney Sanabria-Robles, Gymnastics
Matthew Schaefer, Swimming & Diving
Elle Schmidt, Swimming & Diving
Katlin Sepp, Swimming & Diving
Haley Smith, Volleyball
Tessa Teachman, Women’s Golf
Andrei Tuomola, Swimming & Diving
Taylor Turnbow, Women’s Basketball
Yvette Vlaar, Women’s Tennis
Emily Weaner, Swimming & Diving
Zack Wepasnick, Swimming & Diving
Rainey White, Swimming & Diving
Sally Wood, Swimming & Diving
Michael Young, Swimming & Diving