Blogging from the Berm: Cassie Trosclair + Friends

Blogging from the Berm: Cassie Trosclair + Friends

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – A special edition of LSU softball’s “Blogging from the Berm” as Cassie Trosclair takes questions from her teammates during the bus ride to Tuscaloosa.

LSU will square off versus No. 7 Florida in Thursday’s SEC Tournament opener from Rhoads Stadium on the University of Alabama campus. First pitch is slated for 11 a.m. and the game will be televised by ESPNU with Cara Capuano and Michele Smith anchoring the coverage.

Every LSU postseason game will have live audio and live stats available inside the Geaux Zone on The games also will be carried live on Country Legends 104.9 FM in the Baton Rouge area with Patrick Wright and Matt Dunaway set to call the action.

Fans can follow every pitch of LSU softball this season via live in-game updates on LSU softball’s social media outlets at and @lsu_softball on Twitter.

“Hey Tiger Fans

We are so excited to be on the way to the SEC Tournament! A few of us had final exams this morning. After everyone finished, we piled on the bus and started our trip.

We decided to do something different with this week’s Berm Blog entry. A few of my teammates submitted some questions for me to answer so here goes nothing.

From Alex Boulet
Q: What is the best part about playing in your home state?
A: My parents, family and friends are able to come to all of the home games to support me.

From Juliana Santos
Q: Approximately, how long until your arm falls off?
A: It actually fell off a little this morning, no big deal.

From Lauren Houston
Q: Who is your favorite team to play against in the SEC and why?
A: Probably Alabama – they are always a great opponent to compete against.

From Tammy Wray
Q: Since you’ve been in the SEC for what feels like an eternity, what has been the biggest change in the conference?
A: The entire conference is strong now. It used to be to where you could pretty much guess who was going to beat who. Now anyone can be beaten on any given day. And I’m still bitter about there not being an SEC Tournament banquet.

From Jacee Blades
Q: What was your most embarrassing moment at LSU?
A: Definitely the trick play that a team pulled on me in the fall. I guess I’m slightly gullible sometimes.

From Morgan Russell
Q: How would you describe your perfect dream date?
A: Morgan, stop being mushy.

From Rikki Alcaraz
Q: For the time you’ve been at LSU, what has been your most memorable game?
A: I have a tie for the most memorable game at LSU. The first is the Friday night game against Alabama last season, I still get chills thinking about it. That game was the most rewarding game of my career – we were able to give everything we had for 14 innings and come out on top against the No. 1 team in the nation. My second favorite is this year’s Senior Day finale against Georgia.  I got to spend my last game in Tiger Park on the field with eight of my closest friends for an all-out selfless win.

From Allison Falcon
Q: Will you take your rightful place as Queen of the Tailgate next year?
A: Of course, I have to give back to the Diamond Backer community 😉 I will make sure to have enough fun for those who cannot attend.

From Ashley Applegate
Q: Approximately, how many friend requests do you receive on Facebook and Twitter after a TV game? A: Facebook is about 60-70 requests, Twitter is about 10-20 followers.

From Meghan Patterson
Q: Where’s Waldo?
A: Coach Girouard was the ultimate Waldo! On the berm, oh…in the press box….wait, how is she now yelling at me from the dugout? I swear there are underground tunnels at Tiger Park.

From Ashleigh Kuhn:
Q: How does it feel to have the best hair out of all of the athletes at LSU?
A: It feels phenomenal to finally get recognition since we have been with Cassie throughout this whole journey.

Thanks for joining me. I hope you are all able to tune in and watch us play Florida at 11 a.m. on ESPNU.

Geaux Tigers,

Cassie #3″