Student-Athletes Volunteer at AgMagic

Student-Athletes Volunteer at AgMagic

BATON ROUGE – LSU student-athletes volunteered their time this weekend for the LSUAg Center’s annual AgMagic event held at the John M. Parker Coliseum April 19-25.

Student-athletes from football, men’s tennis, track and field, swimming and diving and volleyball served as tour guides for young children and their families. More than 12,500 elementary school students and 2,500 adults attended the week-long event, which features a variety of interactive exhibits that teaches kids about the role of agriculture in their daily lives.

“AgMagic is one of my favorite events that we do,” said track and field athlete Lauren Saucier. “It allows us to give back to the community while also teaching kids about agriculture. It’s always great to help educate younger students about the importance of agriculture in everyday life.”

The tours gave children an interactive and visually stimulating educational experience. Exhibits included learning the parts of a tree, seeing Louisiana aquatic species, learning how plants grow, petting farm animals and catching and holding crawfish.

“AgMagic was a humbling experience,” said football player Orlando Gunn. “While leading tour groups of 20-25 kindergarteners, I got to see the joy and amazement in their faces as they discovered how crawfish are caught. They also got to tough live alligators! Events such as this are instrumental to the development of our youth.”