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2021-22 LSU Cheerleading Tryout Information

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2021-22 LSU Cheerleading Tryouts

2020-21 LSU Cheerleading Poster

(Not available for pickup; digital only available for download below)

2020-21 LSU Cheerleading Poster (digital only)

2020-21 LSU Cheerleading Squad

Abby Ambeau
Jordan Andre
Hunter Antie
Jalyne Blackwell
Jaylon Braxton
Shane Brotherton
Julia Brown
Kaitlyn Camus
Shannon Coulon
Brett Crivellari
Cade Dalferes
MarieClaire Dalmau
Alex Davis
Brandon Do
Peyton Edwards
Kylie Gross
Courtney Hahn
Lila Harrington
Tyler Higley
Jensen Hilliard
Mason Impastato
Donovan Jandes
Anthony Kucel
Laurence Leinbach
Madelynn Lowrie
Dillon Marshall
Drue McGinn
Bailey Mitchell
Allie Moyer
Blake Mulligan
Mason Musgrove
Lance Nguyen
Jordyn Prattini
Laney Sala
Alexandra Scardina
Tim Thibodeaux
AnnaLee Trosclair
Colyn Vagrin
Duronne Walker
Sam Walters

About the Cheerleaders

The LSU Cheerleaders are Coached by Chris Bradford and Shelby Spurlock under the Direction of Pauline Zernott. The Cheerleaders perform at home Volleyball matches, home and away Football games, Men’s and Women’s home Basketball games and Gymnastics meets. In addition, member of the team participate in away basketball post season tournaments.

Being a member of the team is a full year commitment. 2nd-year members receive a stipend of $1,000 per year, 3rd-year members receive $1,500 per year and 4th-year members receive $2,000 per year. Be sure to follow LSU Cheer on Instagram.


For more information regarding the LSU Cheerleading Squad, contact the LSU Spirit Coordinator at