Kemp Member of Leadership Baton Rouge Class of 2019

by (@LSUsports)
Kemp Member of Leadership Baton Rouge Class of 2019

Written by Andrea Galea, LSU Athletics Communications Student Assistant

BATON ROUGE, La. – Dorothy Kemp, the Director of Educational Support Services for the LSU Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes (CCACSA), has spent this academic year as a member to the Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Baton Rouge Class of 2019. Kemp is one of 40 applicants selected to represent the area’s business, civic and non-profit communities.

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce (BRAC) serves to improve business climate and foster competitiveness to grow employment and overall wealth in the local area. It provides services, advocates for the community’s economic needs, and provides a variety of knowledgeable resources.

Leadership Baton Rouge is a program that was founded by BRAC to connect diverse, local industry professionals and establish a valuable network, promote increased leadership involvement in community affairs, and seek out and train leaders to take responsibility on issues and concerns in the community. The program holds workshops and meetings to educate community leaders on a range of topics facing the Baton Rouge area such as education, inclusion, economic development and social issues.

“It is a great honor to be chosen out of so many applicants from all industries and communities or businesses to learn more on how to be more effective in the community,” Kemp said. “I can now meet new people, engage and expand my network, and spread our mission statement and values that we cultivate at CCACSA with our athletic support services.”

Kemp also noted that the Leadership Baton Rouge program ideals align with CCACSA’s overall goal – Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve. “Similar to the life skills we teach our student-athletes, as a professional, I am always looking to expand my bubble and better learn how to fit and make an impact in my community,” Kemp said.

The BRAC Leadership Program holds a workshop class each month that tackles a new topic that emphasizes strategic decision-making. Kemp has the opportunity to meet with educators across all levels ranging from secondary to higher education; they discuss the transitions between levels of education and exchange experiences. Also, there is an opportunity for members to acquaint themselves with local community organizations and discuss future involvement.

The program focuses on topic areas such as education, diversity and inclusivity, city and state government, health care and social issues, economic development, the arts and culture, and the criminal justice system. Graduates leave the program with first-hand knowledge of the issues facing the region and the potential for a positive community experience through volunteerism.