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Boot Up: Greg Goldin, Extender of Human Potential

by Cody Worsham
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Boot Up: Greg Goldin, Extender of Human Potential

Fresh off another heart-stopping road win for LSU — this time a 92-88 overtime victory at Mississippi State — we break down the Tigers’ second half comeback, fueled by Naz Reid and Tremont Waters’ offensive outbursts and a glorious set play in overtime. We also preview LSU’s home contest with Auburn at 1 p.m. Saturday.

But first, we sit down with LSU’s strength and conditioning coordinator — or, as he refers to himself, Extender of Human Potential — Greg Goldin. Greg has been by Will Wade‘s side since their days at VCU, and he’s been Wade’s strength coach for every game he’s been a head coach. 

He’s also one of the most engaging and interesting people you’ll ever meet, a man of incredible strength and energy who LSU’s players rave over and who Wade thinks is — and I quote — “some sort of wizard.”

We dive deep into that wizardry on the show. We talk protocols and routines. We talk philosophies and relationship-building. We talk weight lifting and conditioning. We also hear some fantastic stories, because Greg’s story is fantastic, from sleeping on the floor covered in crickets to following a screaming Wade to Chattanooga, VCU, and, eventually, LSU. 

Show outline: 

0:00 – Goldin’s screaming Will Wade impression

4:45 – Extender of potential

6:00 – How he got into S&C

9:50 – Corner sheets of paper

11:10 – Two shirts, please

11:50 – Life on the floor

12:45 – Grasshoppers and Greg

14:20 – Mornings with Will Wade

15:15 – Why Wade called screaming one day

15:50 – Where’s Chattanooga?

16:50 – The Lost Art of Simple

17:45 – The five basic movement patterns Goldin uses daily

19:45 – Giants and Genetic Freaks 

21:50 – Weight lifting school

24:00 – Technology and high performance models

25:00 – The Titanic

27:30 – Managing stress vs. applying stress

28:45 – Working with Will Wade 

35:00 – Mississippi State breakdown/Auburn preview