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Boot Up: Percentages, Plus Javonte Smart's Fearlessness

by Cody Worsham
Boot Up: Percentages, Plus Javonte Smart's Fearlessness

On today’s episode of Boot Up, we look back at LSU’s first SEC loss, a 90-89 nailbiter vs. Arkansas. We analyze how two bad stretches of play cost the Tigers, how LSU played the percentages correctly but the percentages decided not to comply, and what went into the Tigers’ late game execution.

We also break down how crazy the crowd was in the PMAC on Saturday and the role Javonte Smart played in getting them rowdy. We talk about Smart’s fearlessness and swagger with Javonte and Tremont Waters.

Finally, we preview a tough six-game stretch for LSU, starting with a road trip to Mississippi State on Wednesday. The next six games will decide whether the Tigers remain in the hunt for the SEC title or not.

Show Outline:

0:00 – Deaf Dome

2:00 – Sauna workouts

3:55 – Percentages

8:20 – Comfortable and confident vs. Uncomfortable and contested

9:45 – Will Wade takes some blame

11:25 – Large sample size sport

12:15 – The Runs

13:25 – Percentages, Again

16:15 – Alley Oops

19:00 – Javonte Smart‘s Swagger

19:30 – Boot Up

23:45 – Tremont on Javonte Smart: “He’s not afraid of the moment.”

24:30 – Javonte on being fearless: “I don’t ever think we’re going to lose.”

26:10 – Naz Reid goes beast mode

27:30 – Mississippi State preview

30:15 – Teaser for the next episode’s mystery guest