SEC Announces Men's Hoops Games; LSU Opens vs. UK

by Kent Lowe (@LSUkent)
SEC Announces Men's Hoops Games; LSU Opens vs. UK

BATON ROUGE – The Southeastern Conference unveiled its 126-game men’s basketball schedule for the 2017-18 season on Thursday and the LSU Tigers will host Will Wade‘s first SEC game against the University of Kentucky.

That game is set for Wednesday, Jan. 3 and will mark 18-straight playing dates against league opposition through the end of the season on March 3 when LSU hosts Mississippi State.

Times and TV accommodations for each of the games will be announced by the league and the television partners in the days ahead.

Each SEC team plays the other 13 teams at least one time during league play. They will then play their three permanent opponents a second time (LSU’s permanent opponents are Texas A&M, Alabama and Arkansas) and the remaining two games will be scheduled on a rotating basis (Georgia and Vanderbilt in 2018).

After the Kentucky game on Jan. 3, the Tigers will host league games in January at Saturday, Jan. 13, against Alabama, Tuesday, Jan. 16, versus Georgia and Tuesday, Jan. 23, against Texas A&M.

February home contests find the Pete Maravich Assembly Center and the Tigers hosting Arkansas on Feb. 3, Ole Miss on Feb. 10, Missouri on Feb. 17 and Vanderbilt on Feb. 20.

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LSU’s Southeastern Conference Schedule
Wednesday, Jan. 3 KENTUCKY
Saturday, Jan. 6 at Texas A&M
Wednesday, Jan. 10 at Arkansas
Saturday, Jan. 13 ALABAMA
Tuesday, Jan. 16 GEORGIA
Saturday, Jan. 20 at Vanderbilt
Tuesday, Jan. 23 TEXAS A&M
Saturday, Jan. 27 at Auburn
Wednesday, Jan. 31 at Tennessee

Saturday, Feb. 3 ARKANSAS
Wednesday, Feb. 7 at Florida
Saturday, Feb. 10 OLE MISS
Tuesday, Feb. 13 at Alabama
Saturday, Feb. 17 MISSOURI
Tuesday, Feb. 20 VANDERBILT
Saturday, Feb. 24 at Georgia
Wednesday, Feb. 28 at South Carolina

Saturday, March 3 MISSSSIPPI STATE
Wed-Sun, March 7-11 SEC Tournament (St. Louis, Mo.).

Date Game
Sat., Dec. 30 Texas A&M at Alabama
Sat., Dec. 30 Vanderbilt at Florida
Sat., Dec. 30 Tennessee at Arkansas
Sun., Dec. 31 Georgia at Kentucky
Sun., Dec. 31 South Carolina at Ole Miss

Tues., Jan. 2 Auburn at Tennessee
Tues., Jan. 2 Florida at Texas A&M
Tues., Jan. 2 Alabama at Vanderbilt
Tues., Jan. 2 Arkansas at Mississippi State
Wed., Jan. 3 Missouri at South Carolina
Wed., Jan. 3 Kentucky at LSU
Wed., Jan. 3 Ole Miss at Georgia

Sat., Jan. 6 Florida at Missouri
Sat., Jan. 6 Kentucky at Tennessee
Sat., Jan. 6 Arkansas at Auburn
Sat., Jan. 6 Alabama at Georgia
Sat., Jan. 6 LSU at Texas A&M
Sat., Jan. 6 Mississippi State at Ole Miss
Sat., Jan. 6 Vanderbilt at South Carolina

Tues., Jan. 9 Texas A&M at Kentucky
Tues., Jan. 9 Ole Miss at Auburn
Tues., Jan. 9 South Carolina at Alabama
Tues., Jan. 9 Tennessee at Vanderbilt
Wed., Jan. 10 Georgia at Missouri
Wed., Jan. 10 LSU at Arkansas
Wed., Jan. 10 Mississippi State at Florida

Sat., Jan. 13 Florida at Ole Miss
Sat., Jan. 13 Kentucky at Vanderbilt
Sat., Jan. 13 Missouri at Arkansas
Sat., Jan. 13 Alabama at LSU
Sat., Jan. 13 Auburn at Mississippi State
Sat., Jan. 13 South Carolina at Georgia
Sat., Jan. 13 Texas A&M at Tennessee

Tues., Jan. 16 Georgia at LSU
Tues., Jan. 16 Kentucky at South Carolina
Tues., Jan. 16 Ole Miss at Texas A&M
Tues., Jan. 16 Vanderbilt at Mississippi State
Wed., Jan. 17 Arkansas at Florida
Wed., Jan. 17 Auburn at Alabama
Wed., Jan. 17 Tennessee at Missouri

Sat., Jan. 20 Florida at Kentucky
Sat., Jan. 20 Missouri at Texas A&M
Sat., Jan. 20 Tennessee at South Carolina
Sat., Jan. 20 Mississippi State at Alabama
Sat., Jan. 20 Ole Miss at Arkansas
Sat., Jan. 20 Georgia at Auburn
Sat., Jan. 20 LSU at Vanderbilt

Tues., Jan. 23 Vanderbilt at Tennessee
Tues., Jan. 23 Mississippi State at Kentucky
Tues., Jan. 23 Alabama at Ole Miss
Tues., Jan. 23 Arkansas at Georgia
Tues., Jan. 23 Texas A&M at LSU
Wed., Jan. 24 South Carolina at Florida
Wed., Jan. 24 Auburn at Missouri

Sat., Jan. 27 LSU at Auburn
Sat., Jan. 27 Missouri at Mississippi State
Sat., Jan. 27 ^Oklahoma at Alabama
Sat., Jan. 27 ^Oklahoma State at Arkansas
Sat., Jan. 27 ^Baylor at Florida
Sat., Jan. 27 ^Georgia at Kansas State
Sat., Jan. 27 ^Kentucky at West Virginia
Sat., Jan. 27 ^Ole Miss at Texas
Sat., Jan. 27 ^Texas Tech at South Carolina
Sat., Jan. 27 ^Tennessee at Iowa State
Sat., Jan. 27 ^Texas A&M at Kansas
Sat., Jan. 27 ^TCU at Vanderbilt

Tues., Jan. 30 Vanderbilt at Kentucky
Tues., Jan. 30 Arkansas at Texas A&M
Tues., Jan. 30 Auburn at Ole Miss
Tues., Jan. 30 Florida at Georgia
Wed., Jan. 31 Missouri at Alabama
Wed., Jan. 31 LSU at Tennessee
Wed., Jan. 31 Mississippi State at South Carolina

Sat., Feb. 3 Kentucky at Missouri
Sat., Feb. 3 Alabama at Florida
Sat., Feb. 3 South Carolina at Texas A&M
Sat., Feb. 3 Georgia at Mississippi State
Sat., Feb. 3 Arkansas at LSU
Sat., Feb. 3 Vanderbilt at Auburn
Sat., Feb. 3 Ole Miss at Tennessee

Tues., Feb. 6 Tennessee at Kentucky
Tues., Feb. 6 South Carolina at Arkansas
Tues., Feb. 6 Alabama at Mississippi State
Tues., Feb. 6 Missouri at Ole Miss
Wed., Feb. 7 Texas A&M at Auburn
Wed., Feb. 7 LSU at Florida
Wed., Feb. 7 Georgia at Vanderbilt

Sat., Feb. 10 Florida at South Carolina
Sat., Feb. 10 Kentucky at Texas A&M
Sat., Feb. 10 Mississippi State at Missouri
Sat., Feb. 10 Ole Miss at LSU
Sat., Feb. 10 Tennessee at Alabama
Sat., Feb. 10 Vanderbilt at Arkansas
Sat., Feb. 10 Auburn at Georgia

Tues., Feb. 13 Texas A&M at Missouri
Tues., Feb. 13 South Carolina at Tennessee
Tues., Feb. 13 LSU at Alabama
Tues., Feb. 13 Arkansas at Ole Miss
Wed., Feb. 14 Kentucky at Auburn
Wed., Feb. 14 Georgia at Florida
Wed., Feb. 14 Mississippi State at Vanderbilt

Sat., Feb. 17 Alabama at Kentucky
Sat., Feb. 17 Texas A&M at Arkansas
Sat., Feb. 17 Florida at Vanderbilt
Sat., Feb. 17 Missouri at LSU
Sat., Feb. 17 Auburn at South Carolina
Sat., Feb. 17 Tennessee at Georgia
Sat., Feb. 17 Ole Miss at Mississippi State

Tues., Feb. 20 Kentucky at Arkansas
Tues., Feb. 20 Ole Miss at Missouri
Tues., Feb. 20 Vanderbilt at LSU
Tues., Feb. 20 Mississippi State at Texas A&M
Wed., Feb. 21 Florida at Tennessee
Wed., Feb. 21 Alabama at Auburn
Wed., Feb. 21 Georgia at South Carolina

Sat., Feb. 24 Missouri at Kentucky
Sat., Feb. 24 Texas A&M at Vanderbilt
Sat., Feb. 24 LSU at Georgia
Sat., Feb. 24 Arkansas at Alabama
Sat., Feb. 24 Auburn at Florida
Sat., Feb. 24 Tennessee at Ole Miss
Sat., Feb. 24 South Carolina at Mississippi State

Tues., Feb. 27 Florida at Alabama
Tues., Feb. 27 Missouri at Vanderbilt
Tues., Feb. 27 Auburn at Arkansas
Tues., Feb. 27 Tennessee at Mississippi State
Wed., Feb. 28 Ole Miss at Kentucky
Wed., Feb. 28 Texas A&M at Georgia
Wed., Feb. 28 LSU at South Carolina

Sat., March 3 Kentucky at Florida
Sat., March 3 Alabama at Texas A&M
Sat., March 3 Arkansas at Missouri
Sat., March 3 South Carolina at Auburn
Sat., March 3 Georgia at Tennessee
Sat., March 3 Mississippi State at LSU
Sat., March 3 Vanderbilt at Ole Miss

March 7‐11 SEC Tournament
(Scottrade Center Arena, St. Louis, Missouri)

^ Big 12/SEC Challenge