LSU Honors 3.0 Student-Athletes Saturday

by Clyde Verdin
LSU Honors 3.0 Student-Athletes Saturday

BATON ROUGE, La. – During Saturday night’s contest between LSU and Alabama, the LSU Athletics Department honored 194 of its student-athletes who finished the 2016 spring semester with a 3.0 grade point average from each of the 21 different sports on campus.

In conjunction with the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes, the department recognized the group during the third quarter of Saturday’s contest, as over the spring and summer 76 student-athletes received their degrees.

The Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes is a 54,000 square foot facility comprised of an academic affairs, student affairs and an information technology team, serving more than 530 student-athletes. The purpose is to provide an all-inclusive, student-centered support structure for all student-athletes from matriculation, through graduation and life beyond.

Player, Sport
Jesse Stallings, Baseball
Caleb Gilbert, Baseball
Austin Bain, Baseball
Jared Poche’, Baseball
Cody Ducote, Baseball
Alex Lange, Baseball
Nick Bush, Baseball
Collin Strall, Baseball
Beau Jordan, Baseball
Cole Freeman, Baseball
Cati Leak, Beach Volleyball
Ashley Allmer, Beach Volleyball
Emma Hiller, Beach Volleyball
Jeni Clark, Beach Volleyball
Victoria Boraski, Beach Volleyball
Megan Davenport, Beach Volleyball
Roxanne McVey, Beach Volleyball
Helen Boyle, Beach Volleyball
Mandi Orellana, Beach Volleyball
Riley Young, Beach Volleyball
Carly Morris, Beach Volleyball
Taylor Wilson, Beach Volleyball
Addison Hoven, Beach Volleyball
Cole Miller, Football
J.D. Moore, Football
Jack Gonsoulin, Football
Colby Delahoussaye Football
Danny Etling, Football
Tiger Scheyd, Football
Josh Growden, Football
Brandon Surtain, Football
Zach Von Rosenberg, Football
Tommy LeBeau, Football
Toby Weathersby, Football
Trey LaForge, Football
Justin Jones, Football
Blake Ferguson, Football
Michael Ostrom, Football
Caleb Lewis, Football
Ronnie Lamarque, Football
Corey Thompson, Football
Derrius Guice, Football
Cameron Gamble, Football
Will Clapp, Football
J.C. Copeland, Football
Foster Moreau, Football
Sydney Ewing, Gymnastics
Randii Wyrick, Gymnastics
Michelle Gauthier, Gymnastics
Kaitlyn Szafranski, Gymnastics
Erin Macadaeg, Gymnastics
Myia Hambrick, Gymnastics
Sarah Finnegan, Gymnastics
Ashleigh Gnat, Gymnastics
Shonacee Oliva, Gymnastics
Kylie Moran, Gymnastics
Lexie Priessman, Gymnastics
Jessica Savona, Gymnastics
Henry Shortess, Men’s Basketball
Brandon Eddlestone, Men’s Basketball
Keith Hornsby, Men’s Basketball
Matthew Phillip, Men’s Diving
Andrew Suchla, Men’s Diving
Rhyne Jones, Men’s Golf
Eric Ricard, Men’s Golf
Zach Wright, Men’s Golf
Blake Caldwell, Men’s Golf
Nathan Jeansonne, Men’s Golf
Logan Rysemus, Men’s Swimming
Austin Drummond, Men’s Swimming
Alarii Levreault-Lopez Men’s Swimming
Mitchell Petras, Men’s Swimming
Harrison Jones, Men’s Swimming
Damen Pheiffer, Men’s Swimming
Matt McClellan, Men’s Swimming
Thomas Smith, Men’s Swimming
Brandon Goldman, Men’s Swimming
Elliot Dewlen, Men’s Swimming
Silas Dejean, Men’s Swimming
Ryan Cade, Men’s Swimming
Joao Mescolote, Men’s Swimming
Simon Freund, Men’s Tennis
Jordan Daigle, Men’s Tennis
Andrew Korinek, Men’s Tennis
Harrison Kennedy, Men’s Tennis
Cameron Andry, Men’s Tennis
Ross Quinlan, Men’s Track & Field
Hayden Kingfisher, Men’s Track & Field
Christian Johnson, Men’s Track & Field
Matthew Rhorer, Men’s Track & Field
Daniel Tanner, Men’s Track & Field
Marcus Tiner, Men’s Track & Field
Chadd Burns, Men’s Track & Field
Bryan Stamey, Men’s Track & Field
Jaron Flournoy, Men’s Track & Field
Andreas Duplantis, Men’s Track & Field
LaMar Bruton, Men’s Track & Field
Lily Alfeld, Soccer
Emma Grace Goldman, Soccer
Chelsea Stiebing, Soccer
Zoe Higgins, Soccer
Megan Lee, Soccer
Fernanda Pina, Soccer
Delaney Sheehan, Soccer
Morgan Ruhl, Soccer
Caroline Brockmeier, Soccer
Gabriela Maldonado, Soccer
Christyna Pitre, Soccer
Emma Meckfessel, Soccer
Ella Williams, Soccer
Alexis Urch, Soccer
Debbie Hahn, Soccer
Heather Magee, Soccer
Jorian Baucom, Soccer
Alex Thomas, Soccer
Sydney Bourg, Softball
Taylor Lockwood, Softball
Sandra Simmons, Softball
Layna Savoie, Softball
Nicky Dawson, Softball
Elyse Thornhill, Softball
Carley Hoover, Softball
Amber Serrett, Softball
Bailey Landry, Softball
Randi Provost, Softball
Shemiah Sanchez, Softball
Akiya Thymes, Softball
Mimi Eugene, Volleyball
Malorie Pardo, Volleyball
Kelly Quinn, Volleyball
Olivia Beyer, Volleyball
Katie Lindelow, Volleyball
Cheyenne Wood, Volleyball
Lindsay Flory, Volleyball
Tiara Gibson, Volleyball
Khourtni Fears, Volleyball
Katie Kampen, Volleyball
Anne Pedersen, Women’s Basketball
Jenna Deemer, Women’s Basketball
Shanice Norton, Women’s Basketball
Madison Sthamann, Women’s Diving
Cassie Weil, Women’s Diving
Allie Alter, Women’s Diving
Katie Lagarde, Women’s Diving
Rileigh Knox, Women’s Diving
Nadine Dreher, Women’s Golf
Caroline Nistrup, Women’s Golf
Marina Hedlund, Women’s Golf
Carly Goldstein, Women’s Golf
Kathleen Gallagher, Women’s Golf
Sydney Cavin, Women’s Golf
Claudia De Antonio, Women’s Golf
Kate Zimmer, Women’s Swimming
Danielle Stirrat, Women’s Swimming
Jane MacDougall, Women’s Swimming
Megan Cox, Women’s Swimming
Stacey Stanfield, Women’s Swimming
Sophia Bisch, Women’s Swimming
Hannah Martin, Women’s Swimming
Makenna Wilson, Women’s Swimming
Angele Cherbonnier, Women’s Swimming
Lia Joslin, Women’s Swimming
Leah Troskot, Women’s Swimming
Summer Spradley, Women’s Swimming
Skylar Kuykendall, Women’s Tennis
Joana Valle Costa, Women’s Tennis
Ryann Foster, Women’s Tennis
Therese Jernbeck, Women’s Track & Field
Mallory Robichaux, Women’s Track & Field
Gracie Campbell, Women’s Track & Field
Madison McDaniel, Women’s Track & Field
Elizabeth Dunning, Women’s Track & Field
Hannah Bourque, Women’s Track & Field
Jalea Jackson, Women’s Track & Field
Camille Arceneaux, Women’s Track & Field
Naomi Smith, Women’s Track & Field
Monica Guillot, Women’s Track & Field
Amy Stelly, Women’s Track & Field
Erika Lewis, Women’s Track & Field
Ashley Welborn, Women’s Track & Field
Annie Simoneaux, Women’s Track & Field
Sidnie Wilder, Women’s Track & Field
Rebecca Little, Women’s Track & Field
Hannah Deworth, Women’s Track & Field
Morgan Schuetz, Women’s Track & Field
Danielle Avery, Women’s Track & Field
Kiersten Duncan, Women’s Track & Field
Tahlaya Hardin, Women’s Track & Field
Shanice Holmes, Women’s Track & Field
Nataliyah Friar, Women’s Track & Field
Tori Bliss, Women’s Track & Field
Bria Druilhet, Women’s Track & Field
Danielle Mitchell, Women’s Track & Field
Cayla Nikodemus, Women’s Track & Field