Author Speaks To LSU Student-Athletes

by (@LSUsports)
Author Speaks To LSU Student-Athletes

BATON ROUGE, LA – Early on Friday morning, September 4th at the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student Athletes, student-athletes from every sport joined together for a deep discussion about their future.

The atmosphere was still in the library of the CCACSA building, as guest speaker Kevin Carroll gave the audience words of wisdom. Carroll is the author of the book “Rules of the Red Rubber Ball.” The book explains how people should use what they love to do to help advance them in life. Carroll gave this message to the student-athletes saying, “Book, ball, and betterment; those are the three things I think about every day.”

Carroll explained how “books” are his focus for learning and growing, the “ball” symbolizes playing a sport, and “betterment” is a tool to help advance other people around you.

Overall the session was very informative, and helped inspire student-athletes throughout the room. Carroll believes that this session will be a great reference point in the lives of student-athletes.

“This morning’s session, I truly believe will have a greater impact a few hours later, a few days later, and few weeks later, he said. “When people realize, ‘Wait, that author came to spend time with us to share his message, so that we can understand finding your own red rubber ball and chasing it to your hearts content is the surest route to peace, prosperity, and happiness.’ Okay, I get it now!”

It is lessons like these that have inspired many to continue pushing. These types of lessons help people to go further and make it over the hump when they are tired and feel they have nothing else to give.

Carroll finished by saying, “You should have something that you are getting up and chasing. That’s what the rubber ball is about. If your passion is science, math, art, dance, music, sports, or whatever, get up for that reason and go after it and chase it like this is the only day I have and then hope for another day.”

The Tiger family and its student-athletes are committed to chasing the ball and achieving their dreams.