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LSU Football Game-by-Game Parking FAQ's

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LSU Football Game-by-Game Parking FAQ's

Q: Can fans purchase a season parking permit in the new restricted access area?
A: No. Passes will only be sold on a game-by-game, first-come first-served basis only.

Q: Will I need to arrive earlier to secure a parking space in the new restricted access area?
A: Fans who have traditionally parked in this area should not expect to arrive any earlier than they have become accustomed.

Q: What forms of payment will be accepted?
A: ONLY CASH will be accepted on Saturday at the Game Parking Entrances (GP). Visa, Mastercard, American Express and cash will be accepted on Friday at Alex Box Stadium.

Q: How far in advance will I be able to purchase parking permits for the new restricted access area?
A: Overnight decals will be sold on Fridays starting at noon CT until 6 a.m. on gameday, allowing fans to leave vehicles/trailers in the restricted access area overnight.

Q: Will I be able to set up my tailgate in this area on Friday?
A: Fans will have unrestricted access to drop off tailgate supplies from 5 p.m. on Friday until 6 a.m. on Saturday. Vehicles or trailers left in the restricted access area overnight must have an overnight decal. Traffic will be restricted into the area beginning at 6 a.m. when cash sales will begin at Game Parking Entrances.

Q. Do I need to pay $20-$40 to tailgate in the blue area?
A. The $20-$40 charge is only for parking vehicles in this area. A $50 charge is for using trailers in this area. If no vehicles or trailers are used in your tailgate there is no charge.

Q: Can I purchase an overnight decal on Friday and then use the decal for entry on Saturday?
A: No. These decals will not be valid for access to the restricted access area after 6 a.m on Saturday. A decal only allows fans to park vehicles/trailers overnight with the convenience of not having to purchase a permit on Saturday morning.

Q: Can I re-sell or trade my overnight decal?
A: No. Fans may not re-sell or trade overnight decals.

Q: If I wish to park in the new restricted access areas after 6 a.m. on Saturday, will I have to enter campus from a certain street?
A: Yes. There will be designated entrances for purchasing passes on gameday. These locations include the Highland Road intersections at Dalrymple Drive and South Stadium Drive. Please look for the red “GP” icons on the Gameday Parking map to locate these entrances.

Q: Can I drop-off materials or fans in the restricted access area on Saturday without purchasing a pass?
A: No. All vehicles that enter the area on Saturday must pay $20-$40 for entry, with an additional $50 charge for each trailer.

Q. Do I have to purchase an overnight decal to drop off tailgate supplies on Friday night?
A. Overnight decals are only needed if a vehicle is being left in this area overnight past 6 a.m. on GameDay. No decal is required if fans are just leaving tailgate supplies.

Q: If I leave the restricted area in my vehicle, will I be allowed to re-enter?
A: No. Vehicles may not leave and re-enter the area after 6 a.m. on Saturday.

Q: What if I pay for a pass, enter the controlled area, and then can’t find a space or if I’m unable to park in a certain location?
A: Passes will not be sold when there are no spaces remaining in the restricted access area. However, purchasing a permit will not guarantee you a particular space within the area. LSU will attempt to make fans aware if a specific area is full at time of entry.

Q: Can trailer decals be bought at the same time and at the same locations as overnight parking decals?
A: Yes. Trailer overnight decals and gameday passes will be available for purchase for $50 in the same manner as vehicles.

Q. Will I need an Overnight Decal if I leave my vehicle/trailer on campus outside of the Game-to-Game parking area?
A. No. Overnight Decals are only needed for fans leaving their vehicle/trailer in the Game-to-Game parking area on campus indicated with the color blue on the parking map.

Q. If I park a trailer within the controlled area (blue on parking map) but it’s not taking up a parking space, do I still need to purchase a trailer decal?
A. Yes. All trailers within the controlled area, including grass and common areas adjacent to parking lots are subject to the $50 trailer charge.

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