Blogging From The Berm: Alex Boulet

by Clyde Verdin
Blogging From The Berm: Alex Boulet

BATON ROUGE, La. – In this week’s edition of the Blogging from the Berm series, senior outfielder Alex Boulet takes the reigns as she talks about her second trip to Oklahoma, and some of the crazy antics the team has picked up as the season has progressed.

Boulet, a three-year letterwinner from nearby Crowley, La. and three-time SEC Academic Honor Roll selection, has played in 15 games for the Tigers this season, with three stolen bases and an RBI.

“Hey Tiger fans!

We are currently on a bus headed to the New Orleans airport en route to Norman, Okla. We are very excited for a big weekend. Continuing the theme from the past few weeks, this is another chance to really show what kind of team we are versus another nationally ranked program in the Oklahoma Sooners.

My favorite part of road trips is just being with all of my teammates. I always think it is really funny when we are supposed to be quiet and appropriate inside of the terminal, but we love each other so much it is just hard to be good and quiet when we just want to laugh, joke, and have fun.

This will be a second trip to Norman for me and some of my teammates who were on the 2012 roster. I remember feeling just as excited when we kicked off our Friday night game at OU’s field two years ago. It feels great to have the opportunity to go back and play in front of an amazing crowd once again.

I believed we showed a lot of resiliency last weekend and proved how far our hitting has come against Florida. Our offense was amazing over the three games. We showed that we are right there with the best of the best in the country and can fight along with them. After Friday’s tough loss, we came back knowing that Florida would not be resting easily. We knew they were going to be just as fired up because game 1 was such a close game. We knew we were going to have to be locked in on every pitch, because we saw that one pitch can completely change a game. Ultimately, we wanted to be the ones to have that “one pitch to greatness” situation.

I am sure that many of our fans noticed the return of our crazy rally hat items. The origin of this goes back to 2012 when Heidi Pizer put a phone on her head at the SEC Tournament, a parking cone at the regional in College Station, Texas, and a salad bowl at the super regional in Columbia, Mo. We have always done “Rally Bows” on top of our heads, but Kailey McCasland had the idea to do something really crazy again. She went to a thrift shop and picked up a TON of items, and we all were able to pick our favorite crazy item to wear.

We are really excited for this weekend. We understand, as coach Torina tells us, that we are always one pitch away from greatness, and we can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow!

It’s been fun, Tiger fans. Until next time!