Tiger Stadium Lockers on Sale

by Michael Bonnette (@LSUBonnette)
Tiger Stadium Lockers on Sale

BATON ROUGE – The Jeff Boss Locker Room in Tiger Stadium is currently undergoing a complete renovation in time for the 2014 season. As a result, all of the old lockers that stood in the football locker room from 1996-2013 are being sold to the public as part of a fundraising effort.

Nearly 100 lockers will be available to the public at an “as is” price of $3,950. Or, for an additional $230 ($4,180 total), the locker will be refurbished to its original condition.

In addition to the locker itself, those fans purchasing this piece of memorabilia will receive a certificate of authenticity as well as a copy page for the original plans for the Jeff Boss Locker Room renovations, which took place in 1996. The dated document from 1996 includes construction drawings and final plans along with the exact location of each locker. Each locker was numbered prior to removal so that you will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the locker that you are purchasing.

The plans will also include the architect’s design elements of the locker along with a matching serial numbered authenticating label that will accompany the locker. This will certify that your locker is a collectible.

For more information about the lockers or to purchase a locker, please visit http://www.tigerstadiumlockers.net/. Those interested in purchasing a locker but need more information, can submit questions to info@tigerstadiumlockers.net.