Getting to Know: Dr. Louise A. Bodack

by Matt Dunaway
Getting to Know: Dr. Louise A. Bodack

BATON ROUGE – The Cox Communications Academic Center for Student Athletes (CCACSA) recently hired Dr. Louise A. Bodack to its team to serve as an Assistant Director of the Student Learning Program.

“As a former student-athlete, I understand the academic and athletic demands placed upon an individual,” Bodack said. “Learning to successfully balance these two areas can be challenging.  The opportunity to be a member of the talented team at the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes (CCACSA) at LSU is a tremendous opportunity and draws upon my experiences over the past 20 years.  My passion lies in helping student-athletes learn the skills to achieve academic success with academic integrity, to develop an appreciation for learning and to develop the necessary skills to succeed in the path they choose to follow. I am truly excited to be part of the CCACSA team and look forward to working with this group of talented individuals and the student-athletes.”

Bodack comes to LSU from Framingham State University in Massachusetts where she held the title of Associate Professor of Chemistry and was in the midst of her second term as a chair of the school’s Department of Chemistry and Food Science.

Over her 12-year stint at Framingham State, Bodack has taught Principles of Chemistry, General Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. She also was a member of several search committees and was heavily involved in the University’s expansion and renovation of Hemenway Hall.

Prior to Framingham State, Bodack’s garnered an extensive amount of research experience during her time as a graduate assistant at Syracuse University. She won multiple awards for her work which included the Coblentz Society Student Award for outstanding student in the field of vibrational spectroscopy.

“I have known Dr. Bodack for many years, and I have been impressed with her professional career,” Assistant Vice Chancellor/Executive Director Kenneth O. Miles said. “She has been a content tutor, strategy tutor, teacher, professor, faculty advisor and chair of a department. The culmination of all of these positions make her the right fit for the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes simply because she is passionate about the fundamentals of teaching, learning, but more importantly helping students reach their maximum potential. We are very fortunate to have such a talented person join our team. I look forward to working side-by-side towards achieving our vision of being the premier provider of transformative student-athlete support services.”

As the CCACSA’s Assistant Director of Student Learning Program, Bodack will supervise the Student Learning Program team and have oversight of the educational testing process. She will be responsible for the overall design, implementation, effectiveness, assessment, and evaluation of inclusive academic support plans for those student-athletes who utilize the resources within the Student Learning Program. Each academic support plan will require collaboration with several constituents including, but not limited to, academic advisors, faculty, the Office of Disability Services, the Psychological Services Center, athletic trainers, coaches, and student-athletes.

Bodack received her Ph. D in chemistry from Syracuse in 2001. She also has earned a master’s degree in philosophy and her certificate in University teaching at Syracuse. Bodack obtained a B.A. in chemistry from Rollins College.