Sand Volleyball Tryouts Start Sept. 22

by Cari Gold
Sand Volleyball Tryouts Start Sept. 22

BATON ROUGE – LSU sand volleyball held its initial tryout last Sunday at Mango’s Beach Club in East Baton Rouge.  The tryout was attended by 11 potential team members.   

The players participated in a series of drills that allowed them to demonstrate their athletic ability and their basic knowledge of the sport. The second portion of the try-out will allow the players to transition those basic skills into more game-like situations. This session will be held Sunday, Sept. 22, at Mango’s.

“It was a good start,” said LSU head coach Fran Flory.  “We are excited about the skill level of the group, and we look forward to another good tryout.”

To be eligible, prospective student-athletes must be enrolled in 12 hours as a full-time student at LSU’s Baton Rouge campus and not be classified as a visiting student or enrolled in Tiger Bridge for the 2013 fall semester. They also are required to possess an overall LSU GPA of 2.0 or above and not be on scholastic warning or probation.

Sand volleyball, LSU’s newest varsity sport, is currently categorized as an “emerging sport” by the NCAA. When 40 schools field varsity teams, the sport will become fully endorsed by the NCAA and will be classified as a championship sport.

Only 15 NCAA Division I schools competed in sand volleyball in the spring of 2012, but that number had doubled by the spring of 2013.  Arizona, Arizona State and South Carolina will also add sand volleyball in 2014.

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