Student-Athletes Attend Career Symposium

by Ali Manion
Student-Athletes Attend Career Symposium

BATON ROUGE – Junior and senior student-athletes gained knowledge and advice for their professional careers at the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student Athletes’ career symposium.

The dinner event gave student-athletes the opportunity to converse with professional panelists in their respective careers. LSU professor Craig Freeman and LSU C-X-C assistant director Rebecca Burdette served as the keynote speakers, and spoke about presenting yourself as a professional. They also told the student-athletes what to expect in the professional world after graduation. Panelists then held a question & answer session for the student-athletes.

Keynote speaker Craig Freeman said he is glad the student-athletes are given the opportunity to learn about life after college before graduation.

“It’s never too early to start planning for life after sports,” he said. “Many students, including student athletes, are so caught in the college moment that they neglect to plan for the future.  I’m glad ACSA is willing to help with that process.”
Freeman is a practicing attorney and member of the East Baton Rouge Parish School. He also teaches classes in the Manship School of Mass Communication.
Rebecca Burdette has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a master’s in communications marketing. She stressed the importance of carrying over skills learned in college into a professional career.
“Every college graduate, especially athletes, leave here with marketable skills,” Burdette explained. “The key is defining what those specific skills are and presenting them in a manner that helps you achieve you post-college goals. “
Track and Field’s Lauren Saucier enjoyed conversing with the professionals in her career at the event.
“The symposium was helpful for those athletes who have already chosen their careers as well as those who haven’t,” she said. “I enjoyed discussing with a professional what to expect in the career I have personally chosen and what skills are most valued in that particular profession.”