NCAA Champ Henning Speaks About Goal Setting

by Will Stafford (@WillStaffordLSU)
NCAA Champ Henning Speaks About Goal Setting

BATON ROUGE – Senior NCAA champion Walter Henning took time out of his fall training schedule with the LSU track and field team on Monday to join the more than 500 students at MSA West Academy in nearby Plaquemine and talk about the importance of goal setting in both academics and athletics.

Henning, a five-time All-American and the reigning national champion in the 35-pound weight throw and hammer throw, talked with MSA students about the steps necessary for success in sports and academics.

“For everything I want to achieve, I set goals. I set small goals that lead to my ultimate goal,” Henning said. “In athletics, you need to make choices that are related to achieving your goals like eating the proper foods and getting the right amount of sleep. With academics, you need to make similar choices like doing your homework or studying for a test in order to have success with a class grade.”

Henning also talked about the sacrifices and commitments he has to make each day to have success in the sport of track and field. In addition, Henning related his success in the athletic arena with his performance in the classroom before taking questions from the students in attendance.

“Achieving your goals is often a difficult road. You’ll be faced with adversity, and people and things that can cause you to lose focus on your goal or get in the way. It’s important to remember what your personal goals are and not let anyone or anything stand in your way.”