Track & Field Training Update: Jumps

by Will Stafford (@WillStaffordLSU)
Track & Field Training Update: Jumps

The LSU track and field teams are gearing up for another banner year this spring and are in the midst of a strenuous fall training regimen designed to help them compete against the nation’s best. The Tigers and Lady Tigers form the premier combined program in all of collegiate track and field with an impressive 31 NCAA championships and 46 Southeastern Conference championships all-time.

Seventh in a nine-part series updating LSU’s progress during the fall training season will focus on the jumps group.

BATON ROUGE — LSU assistant coach Todd Lane and his jumps crew continue to train with the motto that “Nobody Outworks the Jumpers” as they know it will take that kind of attitude to help the Tigers and Lady Tigers compete for national championships in the spring.

The LSU jumpers wrapped up their third cycle of training last week and will continue preparation for the start of the 2010 season through the end of the fall semester and Christmas break.

Lane said that his athletes will increase the intensity of their workouts while decreasing the volume of the exercises and movements during their fourth training cycle. They have also added short approach jumping to their training regimen as the long jumpers and triple jumpers jump off from 4-6 steps and high jumpers and pole vaulters jump off from six to 10 steps while preparing for their individual events.

Lane also said that he is impressed with the intensity and enthusiasm shown by his athletes each afternoon in training as the start of the 2010 season is just seven weeks away.

“It’s what you do in fall training that makes champions,” Lane said. “I’ve been very pleased with the blue collar approach that our group has brought to practice each and every day this fall. I like the fight that I’ve seen in the jumps group. I know they are very anxious for the season and to get out there and compete.”

The LSU jumpers have also shown a competitive spirit throughout the fall season that Lane says will help fuel the group’s success in championship competition in the spring.
“Our challenge is always to take the tremendous physical qualities and develop those into better technical qualities that will help us succeed in competition,” Lane said. “We want to find the Willie Bradleys of the group, the individuals who overachieve with their physical abilities and take their performance to another level in championship meets. We need to continue to develop that type of competitiveness.”