A Letter from Joe Alleva

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A Letter from Joe Alleva

Dear Tiger Fan,

The LSU Athletics Program began in 1893 and over the ensuing decades has established itself as one of the leaders in virtually every facet of intercollegiate athletics.  It is truly one of the elite college athletic programs in America.

But the business of college athletics is a challenging one, and not just on the playing fields and courts and mats and tracks of athletic competition.  It is challenging in the day-to-day management of a comprehensive program that molds the lives of young people, impacts the mission of a university, generates pride in millions of alumni and supporters and enhances the quality of life of an entire community.

LSU Athletics has produced a new booklet called “LSU: Thru and True” designed to introduce our strategic plan for operating a top tier athletics program.  In the coming weeks, this booklet will be delivered to every LSU football season ticket holder and can also be viewed at LSUsports.net/plan.

“LSU:  Thru and True” is a theme that represents the very purpose of LSU Athletics.  Our core values run deep and our commitment to excellence is relentless.  For at LSU, college athletics is an avenue for providing opportunities, for achieving goals, for generating enthusiasm and for nurturing passion.

First and foremost, our commitment is to our student-athletes.  They are our present and our future … our hope in so many things beyond the realm of sports.  Athletics instills virtually all of the characteristics necessary for success in life.  It teaches discipline, perseverance, teamwork, patience, pride, and triumph as well as important life-lessons like coping with success and failure, joy and heartache.

It is the goal of the LSU Athletics Program to instill in our student-athletes the core values that will make them better people throughout their lives.  The more opportunity they have for athletic and academic success in their brief stay on the LSU campus, the more opportunity they have to learn the lessons necessary to make the right decisions after they graduate.

We will give them the opportunity to compete at the highest level, be successful in the classroom and be contributors to the community in which they live.  They will wear the Purple and Gold with pride as they seek championships and diplomas, and we will give them the tools to achieve their dreams.

Our strategic plan includes future facility development.  We would be derelict in our duties if we did not have a vision for our athletics program for the time when we emerge from these difficult financial times.  At the current time, we cannot build some of the facilities we need, but we can certainly plan for them and be ready to act when the time and funds are ready.

“LSU:  Thru and True” is a strategic plan for achieving and maintaining excellence in every area of LSU Athletics.  Every Tiger supporter is very much a part of the plan and a vital cog in its success.  I hope you will read it carefully and appreciate the important role that everyone has in making LSU the greatest athletics program in America.

We welcome your input, so write to us at athletics@lsu.edu.  We want to know your thoughts on reaching these goals. “LSU: Thru and True” is not just a publication, it is a living document that requires real participation from everyone it touches as we pursue LSU’s mission of excellence.

Geaux Tigers!

Joe Alleva
Director of Athletics