Miles Briefs Media Following Auburn Game

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Miles Briefs Media Following Auburn Game

BATON ROUGE — Following up on his team’s victory over No. 10 Auburn Saturday, LSU football coach Les Miles met with the media to recap the game and its effect on the team.


Opening Statement…
“I’m very pleased with how the team responded. They’ve certainly been around (big games) before, and there are some veterans that understand it. I enjoyed (DE) Tyson Jackson‘s comment to (ESPN reporter) Holly Rowe on the way onto the field: “We’re just getting started.” I also enjoyed (DL) Ricky Jean-Francois‘ mid-halftime tirade of how we had to play. I enjoyed the number of young players that spoke to how it was time to get going and plays they were about to make. Most importantly yesterday was a fighting spirit and competitiveness that’s been in this program, and a poise on the road and a confidence that, whatever the test might be, they would be able to answer the call. If they can continue to do that, we’ll be a heck of a team.”

On the status of QB Andrew Hatch
“He’s got some bumps and bruises. We might miss a few (players on ) Monday, but it’s not likely we’ll lose anybody for Saturday.”

On if Hatch is still the starting quarterback…
“We haven’t made any of those decisions at this point. We certainly liked how Hatch and (QB Jarrett) Lee played at times. Lee certainly had a great second half and showed leadership and did some good things.”

On how he feels about a player losing his job because of injury…
“I think the responsibility is to pick the best player. If you feel that’s the key, the best player who gives you the best opportunity for victory will play. That’s how I expect we’ll go, irrespective of injury.”

On the mindset of QB Andrew Hatch after leaving the game…
“I don’t think there is any doubt that he was thrilled to watch his friend and teammate, Jarrett Lee, go out there and help us win the game. It was a very enjoyable locker room to attend after the game.”

On if he thinks Hatch should avoid hits like the one that took him out of the game…
“Heck yea. He’s not a fullback, he’s a quarterback. We don’t know exactly when the injury took place. It may have been that he was taking pretty good care of himself and it was just unfortunate. There were some times where I thought he may have been taking on a little too much.”

On how Hatch’s injury affects QB Jordan Jefferson
“We tried to get him in the game last night. We would like to get him in the game this week, if we could. Maybe we’ll get that opportunity.”

On if he ever looks back at calls he makes during a game and is surprised by his decisions…
“Last year’s Auburn game was ?let’s go for the touchdown.’ I knew that. This year it was a nice pass that was underneath the coverage that Brandon LaFell interpreted to be a touchdown. To me, it was another was to get closer to the end zone that may have resulted in a touchdown.”

On if he ever doubted the team’s ability to come back twice in the second half on the road…
“There’s a great tradition here and a very competitive mental outlook, and you knew they were going to compete, but until they do, until they affirm that, you don’t know. You ask yourself if this team’s resolve is similar to the one before it, and it appears that it is.”

On what the players were saying about the game…
“It wasn’t so much after the game, but during the game. You had young guys like (LB) Kelvin Sheppard and veterans like Brandon LaFell and Tyson Jackson ? there was a common thread to it. There was never any question that they were going to fight like heck. We have talent and certainly we have playmakers and everybody anticipated that they were going to make the plays they came there to make.”

On the status of LB Darry Beckwith
“His rehabilitation is going well. I think the Florida game will be the time (for his return).”

On if WR Trindon Holliday can win his job back as punt returner…
“I’m not ready to say he’s lost his job. On one of the punts, he backed up behind the ten-yard line again. I think the issue is that there are certain punts he’s not supposed to catch, and that’s what we’d like to get accomplished with him.”