Miles Briefs Media Following Louisiana Tech Win

by (@LSUsports)
Miles Briefs Media Following Louisiana Tech Win


BATON ROUGE — On a day that saw LSU capture the No. 1 spot in the most recent BCS Standings, Tiger head coach Les Miles meet with members of the media to discuss his team’s 58-10 win over Louisiana Tech on Saturday night in Tiger Stadium.

The following is a s transcript of Miles’ comments on Sunday’s media briefing:

Opening Statement
“We still have some things to work on. I thought we played well on offense and defense and at times on special teams. There is a lot of work to do. We certainly understand what is at stake. We are looking forward to working on it. The good news is that we still have everything to play for. That is exciting. It has got to start first and foremost against Ole Miss.

On Ohio State losing and improving LSU’s chances to reach BCS title game…
“I understand the thought process there. I just want us to continue to get better each week, take each game one at a time and see how far that will take us. All we are focusing on right now is getting in a good week of preparation for the Ole Miss game. It’s now a down to a three-game season. We’ll have to see where we are when it comes time to play the fourth game, but until then, it’s all about focusing and getting ready for Ole Miss this week.

On if the team had an emotional letdown against Louisiana Tech …
“Do I think they were prepared? Yes. Do I think they were as emotionally ready to play as when they played Florida or Auburn? Probably not. It didn’t mean that they didn’t play with intensity, and it didn’t mean that they didn’t play well. Sometimes you have to do that. You have to manufacture an emotional peak that doesn’t exist. They prepared well, and we certainly respected our opponent.”

On if anyone gained confidence and stoodout from the Louisiana Tech game …
“We played without (linebacker) Darry Beckwith. Our linebackers played pretty well. I thought that was something we needed to see. (Fullback) Shawn Jordan played pretty well. Going into the back end of this thing, it is kind of nice to have a fullback have a good game. (Freshman defensive tackle) Drake Nevis got in the game and played awfully well. It was nice to get some of those guys some reps.”

On defensive tackle Marlon Favorite
“I don’t think it (his injury) is all that serious. He didn’t necessarily feel 100 percent, and we have good players. If I would have guessed honestly without deception, he would have played last week.”

On starting mike linebacker Darry Beckwith
“I know he’s working hard at (getting back). I think he’ll have every opportunity to improve. He’s doubtful for this Saturday. I think he is really improving and making strides, even in the last two days. We’d expect that this week will tell us a lot. I’d call it doubtful for Saturday. Maybe more or likely the following Friday. The proof is in the rehabilitation and the things he’ll go through this week.”

On the schedule …
“When you play the schedule that you do in this conference, you play as many quality teams as there is. You don’t need to bolster your position with the voters. You get through this league the best way you can, somehow and someway end up with an (SEC) championship and see how it all fares nationally.”

On if he or the team feels any differently being ranked No. 1 as opposed to the previous time …
“You’ve done that and you realized that during your time there that it (had no) affect on you. It (the No. 1 ranking) really has little weight. If we hadn’t been highly ranked all year, I’d feel differently about it is the point. Our guys understand what being ranked is about certainly at this point in the year. Now, we are highly ranked again. That ranking happens to be No. 1. They understand what it means. They are looking forward to playing these opponents and playing well.”