Miles Briefs Media Following Win at Alabama

by (@LSUsports)
Miles Briefs Media Following Win at Alabama

BATON ROUGE — LSU coach Les Miles met with members of the media on Sunday, a day after his Tigers recorded their third fourth quarter comeback this year in the 41-34 victory over 17th-ranked Alabama on Saturday in Tuscaloosa.

The following is a transcript of Miles’ media briefing on Sunday:

Opening Statement
“It’s a feel coming off the field that our team is a special group of guys. They love to compete. We have to build on a little smarter component. We can’t turn the ball over and be penalized. We have to control the things that we can control and not give our opponents more opportunities than they deserve. This team plays hard. I like their effort. I like the fact that they feel they are going to win and it doesn’t make any difference. We are going to talk about technique and talk about ways to fix it. We are going to rely on them as a team to understand the position that they are in and understand a sense of urgency. Here we are three games from the end of the season with everything that we want to play for in front of us and still haven’t played our best football. We would like to put together four quality quarters of football and not make mistakes.”

On the way the defense played against Alabama …
“We stopped the run. I knew going into the last half of that game on the road at their place, Alabama wasn’t going to move the football. That punt return, we have to be better at that. That is one of the mistakes that we need to focus on, but the defense played pretty well.”

On possibly being jumped in the BCS Standings …
“If we improve and play well, everything that we need to play for is right in front of us. That’s a long way away. That is something we don’t want to focus on. With the position we are in and so much to play for and play well against Louisiana Tech this weekend. We just have to get better and see how much better we can be against Louisiana Tech and the next opponent. We are going to want to improve just to do the things that we can do to finish out.”

On the injury status of the team …
“Everybody that went down returned, which was a good sign. It was not unlike any game that we play, we came off with some bumps. It isn’t anything that is tremendously serious.”

On if anything stood out after reviewing the game …
“Our line is getting better on both sides. I thought or secondary played well with a couple of mistakes. Chad Jones, anytime you spend (publicizing) him, it’s worth it. He’s going to pretty good. He made the first play of the game and that last one almost.”

On Matt Flynn‘s second-half against Alabama …
“It takes poise to know that there are things you would like to have back in your execution in the first half and come in, drop that and come out in the second half and make play after play. He did that. That is just what he needed to do for his team. That’s how he played in the Miami game without the mistakes. I think we have a pretty good quarterback.”