Miles Briefs Media After Win Over USC

by (@LSUsports)
Miles Briefs Media After Win Over USC

BATON ROUGE — A day after LSU’s 28-16 win over South Carolina, LSU coach Les Miles met with members of the media to discuss the Tigers’ play in the victory over the Gamecocks. The following is a transcript of Miles’ comments from his media briefing on Sunday afternoon:

Opening Statement
“I felt like the game was as I anticipated it to be. We managed the situation of rain and the turf well. Matt (Flynn) would well have played better if it hadn’t had been uneven turf. We did the things that we needed to do to win and controlled the game. South Carolina is a quality football team. I felt like their offense was pretty dangerous and their defense played well. After we settled down, I thought we played well. We kept them on the field. Anytime you get into a position in the game where you are going to throw the football, I think it benefits the throwing team if the turf is all torn up.”

On the multiple runners in the offense …
“There are different styles of running. It benefits the offense, if the defense can’t with repeated calls, zero in on what the offense is doing. It also gives a very fresh running attack. The backs aren’t getting a tremendous amount of carries. If you look at the number of guys who carried balls for us, (Jacob) Hester probably gets the most touches. Then after that, it is maybe (Ryan) Perrilloux or (Trindon) Holliday. It has to continue to be that way. I enjoy it because everyone is lending their piece and their talent to the team.”

On using two quarterbacks …
“To me the opportunity to use a quarterback that can throw and run gives your offense a tremendous advantage. The idea that we have (Ryan) Perrilloux that has some mobility as well as a Matt Flynn when healthy is something that we need to concern ourselves with. There are things that each guy does differently better than the other guy. Matt Flynn is the quarterback. Matt Flynn is our starter. I think Matt understands exactly what we are doing. I want my other quarterback, whoever the quarterback is, ready to go onto the field to play if something happens to my starter.”

On any injuries …
“(Brett) Helms came out of the game for a brief period of time. He had a contusion on his elbow. We think he’ll be back for us. (Matt) Flynn is really sore. He’s managing the ankle. He’s better in the back end of this week certainly than he was for the game. Early (Doucet) is going to step up and do some more work this week. We’ll see how this week goes for him. For him, really I don’t know if we are looking at (him playing against) Tulane as much as we are the week after. Will Arnold still has some kind of infection that is really messing with him. It needs to settle down so we can start counting on him again.”

On the return game …
“That is something where we need to look to improve to get some more return yards. We’ll get it in the kick returns. We’ll have to get Jared (Mitchell) comfortable there fielding balls and possibly look at some other alternatives. (Chad Jones) is one of the guys in the mix certainly. Trindon Holliday still is too. Trindon Holliday lined up on the onside (kick) and they opted to kick it deep.”