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Getting to Know: LaRon Landry -- LSU Football

by (@LSUsports)
Getting to Know: LaRon Landry -- LSU Football

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Name: LaRon Landry – Football  

Nickname: Dirty 30
Major: Communications
After college I want to (other than play in the NFL): pursue a career in communications
The reason I wear my jersey number is: It was given to me my freshman year.
My hobbies are: working out, spending time with family and friends, shopping
Something I’ve done that most people don’t know is: jumped out of the back of a moving truck when I was six
The one thing I want people to know about me is: I’m a great guy
Favorite movie is: Belly, A Bronx Tale, Carlito’s Way
The TV show that I never miss is: Martin, Fresh Prince, That’s So Raven
If I could be on a reality show it would be: The Contender
My favorite sporting event to watch is: football
Favorite meal is: lasagna, alfredo pasta
The player I like the most now is: my brother Dawan Landry
Before a game I have to: listen to music/smelling sauce
If I could play a sport other than football it would be: basketball, golf