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Swimming Teams In the Middle of Nike Cup Field After Day 1

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Swimming Teams In the Middle of Nike Cup Field After Day 1

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — The LSU swimming teams finished the first day of the Nike Cup Invitational in the top five of the standings on both the men’s and women’s side Thursday at the Maurice J. Koury Natatorium.

The LSU women earned 99.5 points and are in fifth place overall while the men are currently in fourth place with 134 points. Host North Carolina is atop the women’s standings with 288 points while Tennessee leads all men’s teams with 209 points. The North Carolina men are in second with 201 points.

LSU had four swimmers compete in finals competition on Thursday evening. Junior All-American Stephanie Smith swam in the finals of the 500-yard freestyle and finished in fifth place with a time of 4:47.75. Smith’s time made the NCAA Qualifying Standards as a “B” cut, thus qualifying her for the 2003 NCAA Championships. North Carolina’s Kelly Weeks won the super final of the event with a time of 4:48.45. The top four competitors in each event advance from the preliminaries to the super final while those swimmers who finished in places 5-12 made the finals.

Donna Leslie placed seventh in the finals of the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 23.46, which was also an NCAA “B” cut time, qualifying her for the NCAA Championships in that event. Matthew Rucker finished fifth in the finals of the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 20.55, the identical time he swam in the preliminaries earlier in the day. Sophomore Jan Minartz finished fourth in the super final of the 500-yard freestyle with a time of 4:31.53. Tennessee freshman Casey Dauw won the event in a “B” cut time of 4:22.43.

LSU’s men’s team of Francisco Paez, Neil Lowe, Matthew Rucker and Chris Stanczyk won the 200-yard freestyle relay with a time of 1:21.92. The Tigers also had teams place seventh and 11th in the event. LSU’s team of Julie Johnson, Heather Brand, Laura Jo Leininger and Leslie placed sixth in the 200-yard free relay with a time of 1:35.98. The Lady Tigers also finished 10th and 16th in the relay.

LSU’s “A” relay team of Lindsay Staak, Cissy Schepens, Leslie and Leininger finished third in the 400-yard medley relay in a time of 3:47.31. The “B” relay placed 12th and the “C” relay 17th. The LSU men also took third place in the 400-medley relay with a time of 3:18.36 and the other two relay teams finished 14th and 23rd.

“This was a very good day for many of our swimmers and I am very happy with how both our men and women swam today,” said LSU head coach Jeff Cavana. “We had a couple of ‘B’ cuts and we won a relay, so that is really good.”

The meet continues on Friday with two more relay events and five swimming events. Preliminaries begin at 10 a.m. and finals will follow at 6 p.m.

WOMEN’S TEAM SCORES: 1. North Carolina 288; 2. Michigan 157; 3. Virginia Tech 132.5; 4. Kansas 117; 5. LSU 99.5; 6. East Carolina 74; 7. Kentucky 57; 8. North Carolina State 48; 9. Kenyon 42; 10. Syracuse 38.

MEN’S TEAM SCORES: 1. Tennessee 209; 2. North Carolina 201; 3. Virginia Tech 176; 4. LSU 134; 5. Kentucky 99; 6. North Carolina State 76; 7. Syracuse 58; 8. Kenyon 57; 9. East Carolina 43.

2002 Nike Cup Invitational
Nov. 21-23, 2002
Chapel Hill, N.C.
Maurice J. Koury Natatorium

Event winners and LSU finishers listed

Women’s 500-yard freestyle (5-12 Finals)
5. Stephanie Smith LSU 4:47.75

Women’s 500-yard freestyle (Preliminaries)
1. Amy McCullough Michigan 4:47.27
5. Stephanie Smith LSU 4:49.79
41. Hannah Martin LSU 5:11.21
43. Megan Wolters LSU 5:12.14
45. Margot Gathings LSU 5:12.46
46. Jenna Molinski LSU 5:12.51
47. Margaret Beadle LSU 5:12.72
55. Alice Hardesty LSU 5:16.97

Men’s 500-yard freestyle (Super Final)
1. Kasey Dauw Tennessee 4:22.43
4. Jan Minartz LSU 4:31.53

Men’s 500-yard freestyle (Preliminaries)
1. Yuri Suguiyama North Carolina 4:25.11
4. Jan Minartz LSU 4:28.81
20. Myles Jaynes LSU 4:38.69
54. Ryan Cochran LSU 4:58.14

Women’s 200-yard IM (Preliminaries)
1. Janna Turner North Carolina 2:03.73
21. Cissy Schepens LSU 2:08.31
31. Chere Richards LSU 2:09.53
33. Jill Thomas LSU 2:09.82
44. Margaret Anne Moore LSU 2:10.90
45. Lauren Harvey LSU 2:11.18

Men’s 200-yard IM (Preliminaries)
1. Joey Piekarski Virginia Tech 1:50.27
32. Justin Boyes LSU 1:56.96
55. Mike Jotautas LSU 2:03.83
58. Diego Navarro LSU 2:04.38
59. Matthew Coenen LSU 2:05.12

Women’s 50-yard freestyle (5-12 Final)
5. Jill Turner Virginia Tech 23.12
t6. Donna Leslie LSU 23.46

Women’s 50-yard freestyle (13-20 Consolation Final)
13. Adrienne Williams East Carolina 23.70
17. Julie Johnson LSU 24.04

Women’s 50-yard freestyle (Preliminaries)
1. Christy Watkins North Carolina 22.96
6. Donna Leslie LSU 23.58
19. Julie Johnson LSU 24.11
24. Heather Brand LSU 24.16
26. Laura Jo Leininger LSU 24.21
29. Lindsay Staak LSU 24.23
33. Bethany Cottingham LSU 24.27
37. Cindy Martinez LSU 24.46
43. Margaret Beadle LSU 24.64
45. Margaret Anne Moore LSU 24.70
48. Johanna Hill LSU 24.79

Men’s 50-yard freestyle (5-12 final)
5. Matthew Rucker LSU 20.55

Men ‘s 50-yard freestyle (13-20 Consolation Final)
13. Roger Watkins Kentucky 20.48
14. Neil Lowe LSU 20.94
t15. Chris Stanczyk LSU 20.98

Men’s 50-yard freestyle (Preliminaries)
1. Renato Gueraldi Tennessee 19.69
5. Matthew Rucker LSU 20.55
t16. Chris Stanczyk LSU 20.95
t18. Neil Lowe LSU 20.97
24. Francisco Paez LSU 21.10
29. Martin Latz LSU 21.18
34. Evan Martinec LSU 21.27
41. Robbie Moon LSU 21.40
42. Josh Terrell LSU 21.42
44. Robbie Leininger LSU 21.49
50. Ross Hebert LSU 21.70
64. B.J. Alvarez LSU 22.16
75. Timothy Dallinger LSU 23.92

Women’s 200-yard freestyle relay
1. North Carolina “A” 1:33.73
6. LSU “A” (Johnson, Leslie, Brand, L. Leininger) 1:35.98
10. LSU “B” (Cottingham, Staak, Beadle, Moore) 1:36.89
16. LSU “C” (Hill, Martinez, Harvey, Martin) 1:38.92

Men’s 200-yard freestyle relay
1. LSU “A” (Paez, Stanczyk, Lowe, Rucker) 1:21.92
7. LSU “B” (Martinec, Moon, Terrell, Latz) 1:24.04
13. LSU “C” (R. Leininger, Hebert, Strecker, Alvarez) 1:25.19

Women’s 400-yard medley relay
1. Michigan “A” 3:40.57 (Nike Cup record)
3. LSU “A” (Staak, Schepens, L. Leininger, Leslie) 3:47.31
12. LSU “B” (Wolters, Thomas, Brand, Johnson) 3:54.06)
17. LSU “C” (Martinez, Harvey, Gathings, Moore) 3:55.83

Men’s 400-yard medley relay
1. Virginia Tech “A” 3:17.05
3. LSU “A” (Martinec, Rucker, Lowe, Stanczyk) 3:18.36
14. LSU “B” (Alvarez, Boyes, Strecker, Paez) 3:25.97
23. LSU “C” (Jotautas, Moon, Latz, Terrell) 3:31.36