Student Ticket Pick-up Continues; Lottery Rules Set

by (@LSUsports)
Student Ticket Pick-up Continues; Lottery Rules Set

BATON ROUGE — The LSU Athletic Ticket Office announced Friday that some 70 percent of the student ticket orders have been picked up in the first week for those who ordered tickets through the internet this summer.

Those who have ordered tickets have until Friday, August 30, to pick up their tickets that have been ordered.

Students who did not order tickets through the internet this summer will be eligible to enter into a student ticket lottery from Aug. 26-Aug. 30 at the LSU Ticket Office. To register, stop by the Athletic Ticket Office (North Stadium Drive) between the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on those dates.

The lottery will be conducted Tuesday, Sept. 3 with the winners notified by e-mail on Wednesday, Sept. 4. The lottery will be held only if demand exceeds the supply of tickets and will be held only if there are tickets not picked up by fellow students by their deadline of Friday, Aug. 30. 

Here are the rules and regulations for the lottery:

Students must be registered full-time and have paid their fees in full.

Students must have the new LSU ID to be eligible for the lottery and picking-up the tickets.

If you have already ordered and picked up your students tickets, then you are not eligible for the student lottery.

Payments will be accepted from the winners at the time of pickup.

All payments must be made in Cash or Credit Cards (no checks will by accepted).

There is no need to camp out – the drawing is random, with an equal chance for all entered.