Pontiff Family Sends Letter of Thanks to Tiger Fans

by LSUsports.net (@LSUsports)
Pontiff Family Sends Letter of Thanks to Tiger Fans

The family of Wally Pontiff, an LSU student-athlete who died suddenly in his Metairie, La., home on July 24, 2002, asked that the following message be posted on LSUsports.net to thank those who have supported them through this time.

To all Tiger fans and the LSU community:

On behalf of the Pontiff family, we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the overflow of love and support we’ve received since Wally’s passing.

The cards, flowers, notes, e-mails, prayers, and more have been most comforting to us in this difficult time. We wish that we could respond individually to all of you, but do know that your gestures have been felt and genuinely appreciated. We feel that Wally lives on in all of us, and his love is apparent through you all, the fans. We couldn’t be making it without you.

With much love,

The Pontiff Family