Banks Banking On Improved Tigers

by (@LSUsports)
Banks Banking On Improved Tigers

By Ryan Rogers

Senior fullback Tommy Banks is very enthusiastic heading into his senior year and with plenty of reason.

With new head coach Nick Saban and his staff coming in there has been an overhaul of the program. Saban has brought new coaching philosophies and a new attitude to Tiger football. Everyone is excited about playing football in 2000.

“It’s just brought a whole new attitude to the team. We had a great spring, a great summer the whole team stayed in town. You can tell by the work ethic that everyone is more excited about football,” says Banks.

Tommy Banks arrived into fall camp about 25 pounds lighter then last spring. Now sporting a solid 6-0, 265-pound frame, Banks is ready for any role Saban wants from him.

Banks is a very versatile fullback.

Banks was a fullback in high school who carried the ball a great deal. At West Monroe High School Banks racked up 2,284 yards rushing on 321 carries his senior year. He scored an incredible 33 touchdowns while leading West Monroe to the state championship. Banks is a very capable runner and new offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher may try to utilize his abilities this fall.

With his great size he becomes a force as a blocker assisting the offensive line in opening holes for tailbacks. Bank’s blocks are often the key to springing open holes for tailbacks Lebrandon Toefield and Dominack Davis.

He is a great receiver as well. He has great hands and when he gets into the open field he a very tough runner for defensive backs to try and tackle.

Saban and Fisher have been using the fullbacks as receivers in offensive drills quite often. Coach Fisher has also indicated that he would like to use Banks as a runner in a one back set offense.

“I really don’t know what my role is going to be,” says Banks. “I just want to make sure I fulfill it whatever it turns out to be. I may get more touches on the ball and that will be great. Everyone wants to get the ball more often. I want to earn it. I know Coach Fisher and Coach Saban have been saying they want to try and get me the ball some more. I just want to show them that I can handle it.”

Banks can be counted on to do a lot of different things for the team thanks to his desire and intelligence. He is a hard worker willing to do whatever it takes to help the team. Not only is he a great athlete on the field, but his work of the field is notable. Banks is an All-SEC academic performer and is involved in numerous organizations helping kids within the community. His contributions to the LSU community are outstanding.

However, all these things may not be enough for Banks. He wants to leave LSU knowing he has accomplished many goals involving football.

“Our first goal is to be a team. I think we have started to develop that,” says Banks. “We have team chemistry, everyone is starting to work together. We want to have a winning season. If we keep improving like we are then we should have a winning season.”

He would also like to see the program in better shape and on a path toward success by season’s end.

“Overall, I just want to get the program back on the right track. This being my senior year I want to go out knowing we left the program headed in the right direction.”