LSU and EATEL Launch Online Ticketing

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LSU and EATEL Launch Online Ticketing

BATON ROUGE — The LSU Athletic Department and EATEL launched’s Online Ticketing at 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, the LSU Ticket Office announced. After overnight maintenance to the site, it is once again active. Customers may have difficulty periodically on Thursday due to intermediate service throughout the day.

The Online Ticketing site will look like the picture above.

Construction of the LSU Gift Center is underway and it should be launched in the next couple of weeks.

Purchasing Home Tickets on

1. Getting Started

Connect to the Internet and go to

2. Entering Online Ticketing

From the home page, click on the “Tickets Online” button on the left-hand side of the page.

3. Selecting an Event

From the “Welcome” page of Online Ticketing, click on “Events” to choose the game that you would like to purchase tickets for. From the list of games, click on the opposing team’s name to select that home game.

4. Selecting the Quantity of Tickets

Once you have selected a game, an seating chart of the arena (Tiger Stadium, for example) will appear. Under the seating chart, there is a box that says “Quantity.” Fill in this box with the number of tickets that you would like to put “On Hold.”

5. Selecting the Seating Area

Once you have selected how many tickets you want, you must decide where in the stadium you would like to sit. To do this, click on an area of the seating chart where you would like to sit, or scroll down to the list of sections at the bottom of the page and choose the corrosponding section. If you receive a message that reads, “This area is unavailable or sold out.” Please select another section of the arena.

6. Decision Time

You now have four options:

a) “Release Seats” — means that you do not want to purchase the tickets that you have chosen.
b) “Continue Shopping” — means that you would like to keep the tickets that you have chosen and add more to your order.
c) “Remove Entire Order” — means that you would like to release ALL of the tickets to all of the games that appear on your order.
d) “Check Out” — means that you would like to purchase ALL of the tickets to all of the game that appear on your order.

7. Selecting a Delivery Method

Should you choose to purchase the tickets you have selected, you must select a delivery method:

a) “Regular Mail” — $5.00 per order
b) “Overnight Delivery” — $15.00 per order
c) “Will Call” — No Charge — Tickets picked up at event

8. Checking Out

After clicking “Check Out,” fill out the your personal information COMPLETELY, including your VISA or MASTERCARD number. Once you have completed this form, click “Submit Payment.”

9. Order Confirmation

You will receive an e-mail order confirmation to the e-mail address that you submitted once you order has been processed.